Service Overview

  • Corporate consultation regarding space business and technology
    (policy/strategy analysis and formulation, market research/analysis, business plan formulation, overseas expansion/collaboration/M&A support, due diligence, technical investigation/analysis, consultation/proposals, etc.)
  • Introduction/planning/support for satellite data utilization services
  • Education, experience-based training, and skills & knowledge training

Consultation Details

  1. Yearly business support
    When meeting once a month, after reporting on and advising the customer regarding content that aids the customer’s business as per the theme agreed on in advance, we discuss the situation with the person in charge. Each meeting lasts about two hours, and upon the completion of a contract, we deliver a consultation record (i.e., meeting dates and content details). For example, when providing support for the formulation of a customer’s business plan, each time we can provide advice regarding their business plan from a professional viewpoint, against the backdrop of theme-setting for new business, business environment analysis, market analysis, and competition analysis, etc.
  2. Support for survey work
    When meeting once a month, after discussing and analyzing the contents of the research agreed on beforehand, we discuss the situation with the person in charge after providing advice. Each meeting lasts about two hours. We can then submit a compiled version of the open materials and existing materials, and then, upon the completion of a contract, we deliver a consultation record (i.e., meeting dates and content details). As a research theme, we propose and analyze the customer’s theme during each meeting, all from the viewpoint of global business/technology trends such as pertaining to rockets and satellite data utilization, etc. We can start with what we agreed on at the beginning of the fiscal year, but we can make adjustments each time and can look toward new themes for each next meeting. Depending on the theme, we may delve deeply and circle around multiple times.
  3. Overseas space business information provision service
    Once a month, we cover articles from space magazines published in the same month, analyze the content and impact of such, and provide translations of excerpts.
  4. Research analysis/consultation/engineering support
    We gather and analyze global information on specific subjects through open literature research and interviews, and we summarize our advice to customers based on the results. Depending on the theme, a discussion is included at the same time as the survey. We can include survey analysis/operation support on technical themes. Again, depending on the theme, it is also possible to ask a company with expertise overseas to conduct survey analysis after an analysis of the customer’s request. In this case, we can provide survey analysis results to our customers. In addition, as for hearings with overseas companies, we can also assist with investigations and can arrange for visitation. The theme of the survey and the analysis include business support and engineering support work at the same time.
  5. Partner introductions
    After interviewing the customer regarding their requirements, background, and corporate culture, etc., we can aim to find them collaborative partners overseas. We can consider a number of potential candidate companies, and can compare them and propose optimal partner candidates for our customers. We can also set up meetings and initiate discussions for collaboration. After the start of collaboration discussions, we can be in charge of coordinating operations such as adjustments for interfacing, from the customer’s point of view, as necessary.
  6. Education and training
    We can provide to our customers or staff in charge long-term and short-term education and training that takes advantage of a professional viewpoint. Also, depending on the theme, after an analysis of the customer’s request, the customer can request education and training from overseas specialist companies. In this case, such education and training can be conducted in Japan or overseas. In doing this, interpretation work and professional education and training support (i.e., the supplementation of overseas lecturer’s explanations, etc.) are also possible.

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