Atsushi Murakami


Atsushi Murakami


March 1982
Completed the master’s course at the Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University

March 1980
Graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hosei University

Profile: Senior Consultant

  • Started activities as a space specialist consultant in the spring of 2019
  • Engaged in space development technology and business for 37 years.
  • Involved 37 years of space development at IHI Corporation and IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd., one of the heavy industries company in Japan
  • Experienced in joint projects with private companies and government organizations overseas (North America, Europe, Asia).

Professional Experience

September 2020-present: Worked at Satellite business network

  • Consulting for research and analysis in the space field as a senior consultant
  • Japan office of EuroConsult, a global artificial satellite research and consulting company Senior Consultant

2016-2019: IHI Aerospace Associated Director

Sales / new business development

2010-2016: Deputy General Manager of Sales Department

Overseas projects (Epsilon rocket overseas sales, export thruster sales, etc.)

2007-2010: Space Technology Department Manager

  • Project manager International Space Station
  • Project Manager HTV
  • Export thrusters

1998-2003: IHI Co., Ltd. Space Station Department Manager

  • Development of the International Space Station Exposed Facility
  • Development of HTV Exposed Palette
  • Development of Experiment Equipment


2013 150th Anniversary Lecture on memory of studying in the UK (Embassy of Japan in the UK) Lecture
2013-15 Special lecturer at Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology
2011 Special lecturer at Vietnam National Space Center
2010 Special lecturer at Kyushu University Graduate School
2010-AIAA member